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LOST HORIZON [Resale Gallery]



Product Description

This Bill Ogden previously owned/collected art piece is now available through our Resale Gallery SECONDARY ART COLLECTORS MARKET forum.

Our collectors are continuing to expand their Art Collections and have decided to make LOST HORIZON available for other aspiring collectors to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

LOST HORIZON by Bill Ogden is a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas Artist Proof #1/4 AP

Bill Ogden painted this incredible Oil on Canvas perspective of an authentic Spanish Galleon in 1997 titled “LOST HORIZON”.

Nuestra Senora de la Maravillas” (Her Lady of the Marvelous) built in Cadiz, Spain in 1656. This scene depicts the ship on a return voyage from Havana to Spain to deliver treasures of gold and emeralds from the New World to King Philip IV. The value of this treasure today would exceed 2 billion dollars.

The artist spent two years painstakingly researching the ships’ every detail in order to create this authentic image, and another three and half years painting the original to capture the true beauty of this magnificent vessel and its romantic past.