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Freedom Rider [Surfboard]



Product Description

Rietveld’s “Freedom Rider” is another thought provoking surreal composition to add to your collection while enticing the viewer’s curiosity to what the artist intentions were as he created this beautiful “SURFBOARD” is guaranteed to make a definite impression those who view this ART Board on the beach or in your home.

Rietveld’s compositions are generated by our external world and internal thoughts while incorporating a glimpse into the mind of this great artist life as he sees it.

SurfART.com’s “SURFBOARDS” are ART Boards and are not just blanks in the shape of a Surf Board, but these are real foam core and wood boards shaped & glassed right here in Southern California.

Rietveld’s “Freedom Rider” is a glassed/foam board, tri-fin measuring 19x90 with the graphics on the bottom of the board and just the Rietveld logo on the upper deck.