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Meet the Artist: Rick Rietveld


At SurfART.com, we are proud to say that we have surf prints from a wide variety of talented artists. Whether you prefer paintings, photos, or sculptures --we have the surf art for you! Art is something that we can all enjoy, but the artist gets overlooked all too often. We appreciate our artists, they are the reason why we are here! That is why we will be using our next few blogs to introduce you to some of our favorites. Today, you are lucky enough to meet Rick Rietveld, surf artist extraordinaire.

Rick grew up in Southern California and was introduced to art an early age. Rick's mom was a professional artist, and being around her and her associates instilled a passion for art from the very beginning. Like many of our artists, Rick is a surfer, and his love of surfing and Southern California's surf culture in general is evident in many of his pieces. His art is full of adventure, incredible views, and spiritually. Rick sold his first piece of art during the many community art walks he attended with his mother, and he has been making a name for himself as a talented artist ever since! 

Rick Rietveld is just one of the many talented artists that you will find when you shop with us at SurfART.com. We are proud to say that we have put together a huge collection of surf art, and we truly appreciate the artists that make it possible for us all to enjoy their talent. Shop with us today to check out Rick Rietveld's art!