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Art Review: Surf Photography


In our last blog, we kicked off our art review series by talking about one of our favorite original pieces, Shades of Gray #11 by Scott Munzig. In this blog, you can expect to enjoy an insider look at a few of our favorite pieces of surf photography.

Corkscrew Falls

Corkscrew Falls is a photo unlike any other. It perfectly captures one of the most incredible parts of nature, a waterfall. Whether you have been admiring photography for years or you are a new photography enthusiast, this photo has what it takes to capture your imagination like never before. With bright green moss, exquisite cascading water and a pool of teal, this photo creates tranquility and life like nothing else. 

Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out captures a truly unique view of the ocean. Although it is common to enjoy the ocean view from the beach, we rarely get a glimpse of the world seen from the inside of a wave. With dazzling waters and an unobstructed view of the boardwalk, this photograph takes imagination and turns it into a truly incredible reality. 

Keeweenaw Sunset Breakers

The beauty that is exhibited from Keweenaw Sunset Breakers is so majestic that it appears to be almost unreal. The gold of the sunset is not limited to the sky in this photo, it lends itself to the waves and the ocean itself, capturing an unparalleled amount of both light and artistry. 

What to expect next week.

So far, we've gone over an original painting and a few of our most astounding pieces of surf photography. Next week, we will be talking about some of our favorite prints, so stay tuned!